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"Heart and Mouth Ministries"

with Minister & Life Coach Serita Acker


Welcome to Heart and Mouth Ministries! 


It is my desire to give the hurting a word of hope...a word from my heart to yours.  In life, often times we are looking for people who can feel and understand our pain and trouble, yet be able to uplift us while moving us towards solutions. The solution that I offer to everyone is JESUS!  Our Heavenly Father sent Him so that we could live and be free no matter what we face. I truly love to encourage people who have been through painful or traumatic experiences! I am a firm believer that God always shows favor and makes a way. So welcome and please enjoy your visit to this site!


Minister/Life Coach Serita Acker

Minister Serita Acker and Dr. Sonia Cunningham Leverette reveal how the Lord led them to write short stories based on the most difficult trials they faced in their lives.

Know that in this world, we will be offended, but nevertheless, God is able to bring us through.

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